Now, Huawei is the largest smartphone maker!

The largest smartphone maker company

Samsung has held the crown of the world’s top smartphone company as the number of sales since the beginning of the smartphone journey. However, for the first time, Huawei is currently the world’s largest smartphone maker, surpassing Samsung. The latest online edition, published by research firm Counterpoint, details the superiority of Huawei, the largest smartphone maker. Samsung accounted for 16% of global smartphone sales in April 2020. And Huawei has sold the most 19% of smartphones. Samsung’s smartphone production and sales have plummeted due to the Corona epidemic.

Image by Huawei Global

According to experts, Samsung could once again grace the top smartphone maker’s seat this year if the global Corona epidemic lockdown slows down a bit and smartphone sales in the market begin in full swing. Samsung has failed to supply enough smartphones to meet customer demand as sales outlets and after-sales service centers around the world are completely closed. On the other hand, the Chinese company is economically successful even in the midst of the epidemic as the demand for Huawei smartphones continues to grow in its home market. However, Huawei’s subscribers outside China have declined due to the lack of Google services in Huawei’s new smartphones.


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